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Welcome to All About Kits

My name is Douglas and I had always been fascinated by plastic model kits. I started this hobby very early in the 80’s, attracted by the possibility of having any aircraft on a small scale (or just a replica) in my room. Spoiler alert: I really like aircraft, especially the military ones 🙂 . Also, I remember how hard was to assemble those little pieces together and using some tools and paints from my mother’s craft work! It was an adventure…
I’m from Brazil, so the brands that I remember were available here were Estrela, Kiko and Monogram. Also, any information about this hobby was very limited at that time. Your source of “wisdom” was that old gentleman responsible for one of the two tiny kit stores available in my city.At that time, I remember building a Mirage III, a Gazelle helicopter, a P-51 Mustang and a Spitfire and also the famous “Invisible Man”! All in scales like 1/72 and 1/48.

Growing up!

As for most people, the hobby ends up aside as time passes and other priorities arise. The adult life is always full of different challenges. But, sometimes, also gives us freedom (mostly financial) to set up a structure dedicated to this hobby, or maybe art!

So, many years later, I decided to return to this. But the first thing I noticed was the difficulty of finding information about the hobby. I was more disappointed when I saw so many sites frozen in time, without new posts or any other information.

I know that there are many cool things available on the Internet. But I was looking for something more detailed and organized. Also, there is a lot of sites dedicated to “buy things” and not about “how to do things”. Again, it’s a question of priorities. Few people can live from plastic modeling. Others just try to keep a website as part of their hobby.

And that’s my case… I also started and stopped my hobby more than a couple of times, but I’m here again!

Sharing the knowledge

Well, knowing all these challenges, I decided to share the little knowledge I have with you through the All About Kits web site. This was in January 2015.

I’m no expert, but I like very much the plastic modeling and I’m always searching for new information and tips. I’ll (try to) create videos with tutorials, the use of tools, post news and do some reviews on kits from various brands … the idea is to keep the All About Kits always moving.

As I mentioned before, I already stopped posting news here. But it’s time to go back and enjoy the hobby once again. It’s just part of our life cycle, I guess 🙂

So, I hope you enjoy the site!!! Also, send me any feedback if you may see necessary OK?



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