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Safety Tips: Practice your Hobby Safely

All of us who build scale models know very well what are the benefits of this great hobby. But we can not be fooled by the “good feeling”, happiness of doing this hobby and do not pay attention to some safety details. This hobby involves cutting tools, cutters, glue, paints, solvents, small parts and even some electrical equipment or power tools. So, we always have to remember the danger of handling these tools and take proper care. So, let’s see some tips on “surviving” the hobby 🙂

“Rolling Knifes”

Hobby Safety - ToolsIf you are using a hobby knife, choose one with a rounded handled. Therefore, they won’t roll over the table and fall on you (your leg or foot). If you possess the tool has a rounded shape, put an adhesive tape around and join the two ends, creating some sort of an obstacle.

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Whenever you discard used blades, wrap them in some kind of tape or put them between pieces of cardboard. Remember that you also must protect the one who removes and disposes our trash.

Hobby Safety - Recycling Blades     Hobby Safety - Recycling Blades

Safety Goggles and Power Tools

Hobby Safety - Power ToolsPrefer power tools that have some kind of lock that prevents accidental operation of the equipment, especially those that can cause harm, cutting, sticking or sand.

Always wear safety glasses (or eyes protection) when cutting or handling small parts or using power tools to sand model parts. Small parts or fragments can jump into your eyes during sanding or cutting or even when you try to grab a small part with tweezers, and then cause major problems to your health.

Hobby Safety - Safety GogglesAlways keep your tools, paints and solvents in a safe place and away from children.

If children are practicing this hobby, always supervise their work and do not leave them alone to handle power tools and chemicals.


Safety Always!

Always take care of yourself and your kids when practicing your hobby. It costs nothing to take some precautions and always be alert. A safety goggle, for example, is really not expensive and can be found in any hardware store.

Have fun!

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