1/700 Japan Ship Musashi

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After the Washington Naval Treaty, Japan was restricted from constructing new naval ships. In renounced the treaty and began developing the Yamato-class battleships.
With displacement of 65,000 main of 27.46 knots, and total length of Yamato-class would become largest battleship.
As the the Yamato-class Musashi was laid down in September Mitsubishi Nagasaki. At her launch 1940, size caused the to the harbor, flooding nearby homes.
After the the Pacific War, Musashi headed to Truk in 1943. However, there was no use of in and was mocked by other ‘Inn Musashi’. After the Battle Japan regrouped its fleet, making aircraft flagship in which Musashi became an Musashi joined the 2nd fleet and headed to the Marianas, but Japan lost remaining aircraft the battle.
Desperate tide, the Japanese military prepared for a counterattack “Operation Sho-1”, in which Musashi headed to On 1944, spotted at Sea and attacked by more than 100 U.S. aircrafts. struck by 20 torpedoes and 17 bombs, Musashi capsized and March 2015, the American philanthropist Paul Allen discovered the wreck of Musashi at Sea. After 70 the her wreckage reminds us of the horror of the battle.

SKU: 4905083052648

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